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Saying Goodbye to Phil
15 Dec

The end of 2016 marks our departure from Phil who has been part of the Earth Cycle team for 4 years. He’s been a great asset to the team with his abundant knowledge of gardening and his perfect relationship building skills. Not only has he generated amazing sales for Earth Cycle, but he has also generated thousands of laughs among the team; he will definitely be missed from all at The Woodhorn Group.

To say he will miss us though is something else, as Phil is retiring and off to live a life of leisure. He plans to spend his time at the races or on the green trying to improve his par. With plenty of free time he would also love to see more of the world, in particular Canada and South America.

Nevertheless, he’s recently acquired an allotment so we are sure we’ll be hearing of him every now and again for a bag of compost! Phil has been a fantastic help at The Woodhorn Group and we wish him all of the best in the future!

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