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Let's Get Marching!
28 Jun

Next month Mick’s March is starting and this year we are one of their sponsors! The challenge is to complete 1000 miles in 10 days all in aid for raising money for two great causes; The Sussex Snowdrop Trust and Aldingbourne Primary School, where the event is being held.

The team will start their challenge on the 4th July and will walk in relay, with each person walking a staggering 25 miles a day. A community fun day packed with family friendly entertainment will celebrate their achievement when they finally reach their 1000 mile target, 10 days later on the 14th July.

Mick’s March all originated in the summer of 1988, when police constable Mick Shone and the aid of Chichester Police Volunteer Cadet Corp (VCC), organised the 1000 mile fundraising event to pay for a young girl to have a major liver operation. On top of this, they also managed to reach a Guinness World record!

Mick created such a strong relationship between all the cadets, that it was such a shock to all when he passed last November. To commemorate his life and his charitable achievements, a former police colleague of Mick’s and former VCC leader Andy Kyte has rallied former VCC cadets and even an original walker to replicate the 1000 mile challenge.

This is such a great charitable event, that we had to be a part of it and for all those who want to help out the challenge is not just down to the individuals attempting the 1000 miles, it is for the entire community. You’re welcome to join the walkers on their way, completing whatever target you wish all in aid for The Sussex Snowdrop Trust and The Aldingbourne Primary School!

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