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National Allotment Week Competition: The Winner Is...
16 Aug

We are excited to announce that the winner of our National Allotment Week competition is Sally @LemonLush3 who sent us a fantastic collage of her beautiful allotment, complete with a thriving vegetable patch and beautiful pink and blue blooms.

 Sally Johnston Allotment

Sally has won a bulk bag of our Earth Cycle Peat Free PAS100 Compost Soil Conditioner, so we know her allotment will continue to look just as beautiful for the rest of the year.


We had lots of wonderful entries and it is clear how important allotments are to so many of you. A huge thank you to everyone who entered and we wish you all a fruitful harvest this Autumn!


Here are some of the fantastic entries we received…


Kelly's Allotment

Suzanne's Allotment

Gill B's Allotment

John's Allotment

Gill C's Allotment

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