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Putting our school poster competition to bed!
26 Oct
We’ve been extra busy this month as we finished building the raised beds for our school poster competition winners. Our work took us across the South East from Trafalgar School in Horsham to Camelsdale Primary School in Haslemere as well as Thorney Island Primary School in Emsworth. Our team headed down to all three schools to build a raised bed in their school gardens – for the students to enjoy as a result of winning our school poster competition earlier this summer. The structure of each bed was made from either hard or softwood boards, to help match what they currently had. Then filled with our Earth Cycle Topsoil Supreme 10mm, which has all the nutrients that new crops need to grow. This kind of raised bed is perfect for little green fingers as it easy to maintain and allows young gardeners to spend more time learning in the garden, rather than struggling with weeds. It was great to see the beds brought to life and the pupils’ reaction to their new vegetable patches. We look forward to hearing how they get on planting and growing their crops over the coming months!
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