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The Winners of our Compost Poster Competition for Schools
01 Jul

We're excited to announce the winners of our green waste poster competition for schools in West Sussex.

Congratulations go to Naomi Wollett aged six from Trafalgar School in Horsham; Bebe Duncan aged eight from Camelsdale Primary School in Haslemere; and Arron Killen aged nine from Thorney Island Primary School.

Each of our winners received a mini gardening set as well as a behind the scenes tour of our organic dairy farm for their class. On top of this, each winning students’ school will receive all the support and materials needed to create a raised bed or vegetable patch for students to enjoy.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to all the schools who participated in our competition which was aimed at educating children on the benefits of green waste recycling and using compost in the garden.


L-R Sophie Lindsay Ogg from WH, Mrs Carless, Bebe Duncan and Mrs Brownbill from Camelsdale Primary School Bebe Duncan's Poster Entry Naomi Wollett from Trafalgar School in Horsham Naomi Wollett's Poster EntryMike Jupp from W with Arron Killen from Thorney Island Primary SchoolArron Killen's Poster Entry

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