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Beds and Borders Topsoil

Beds and Borders Topsoil
Raised bed

Product Details

Beds and Borders Topsoil

Our Beds and Borders Topsoil is a BS3882 certified manufactured topsoil blended with quarried sand and 40% of our own PAS100 compost. It is ideal for building new flower beds and garden borders or for topping up existing beds as it is rich with a perfect balance of natural organic nutrients and humus, with strong moisture retention ability. Our Beds and Borders Topsoil is a premier grade topsoil for all garden use as it helps to give your garden the vitality it needs. You can complement this topsoil with our Beds and Borders Compost.


How to use Beds and Borders Topsoil

Creating new flower beds

  • Clear away any large stones or rocks and fork over the existing soil
  • Spread out Earth Cycle Beds and Borders Topsoil to an average depth of 8 inches (200mm)

Existing beds or borders

  • Clear any debris or weeds from your bed or border
  • Work existing soil to break up any large clumps
  • Spread a layer of Beds and Borders Topsoil to a depth of 3 inches and combine

Lightening heavy soil

If you need more information about this product and its uses, please get in touch today!


Beds and Borders Topsoil


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Feefo reviews

based on 13 reviews.

  • The topsoil was very rocky and contained an abundance of plastic. I pulled out a whole carrier bag worth of plastic bag pieces and small bits of plastic.

  • Great product. Fantastic delivery. Would definitely order next time I need top soil.

  • This was genuinely good quality topsoil in all 3 bags. Good mix of loam and organic matter. New garden plants and grass seem to like it. Online ordering went well. Priced compared well with a local supplier. Overall, it was worth ordering the volume from Sussex to NE Somerset and delivery was via a pallet delivery company. Delivery company friendly also. Overall, very impressed.

  • Very good topsoil

  • Ordering and delivery were excellent. I have just started spreading it about in my garden but weather and my age means this is slow! It looks good stuff and I am pleased with it.

  • The purchase process is professional and personable. The product is precisely as promised. The delivery process is efficient. I plan to order again.

  • Excellent quality from the first to the last spade full

  • Great quality soil delivered as promised

  • It was perfect for our garden needs.

  • good product does the job

  • I’m not a soil expert, but seems good quality and the plants look healthy

  • You will never buy from anywhere else again. Quality product at a competitive price. Delighted with my order.

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