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Turf Dressing Rootzone

Product Details

Improve drainage and weed resistance with Turf Dressing Rootzone

The application of Earth Cycle Turf Dressing Rootzone fills any hollows that may have developed in the grass surface. You can topdress our Turf Dressing Rootzone with multiple varieties of grasses. Continued application will also build an ideal soil structure and rootzone for your turf over the years.

Earth Cycle's Turf Dressing is 100% peat free and is a nutrient-packed rootzone designed for top dressing lawns, divot filling, laying turf onto and sowing seed into. Our soil contains sand to improve drainage for the grass root structure, with resistance to drought and weed invasion. It stimulates strong root growth and enhanced durability, creating vitality in grass that leads to a fuller stem and vibrant colour.

When to use Turf Dressing Rootzone

Early in the spring and/or autumn are the optimal times to dress lawns, but benefits will be seen at any time during the growing season.

Directions for use

Earth Cycle Turf Dressing should be spread as evenly as possible on your lawn, which will help fill hollow areas and prevent high spots. Although not essential, for best results you should solid or hollow tine before application, to get the greatest impact from the turf dressing. This will facilitate the product getting down to the grassroots.

  • If you have weeds, we recommend you apply weed treatment before applying turf dressing to prevent them from coming back
  • Hollow or solid tine your lawn using a machine or a fork
  • Apply Earth Cycle Turf Dressing between 6-12mm (1/4 - 1/2") deep
  • This is approximately 6-12 litres (6-12kgs) per square metre of lawn (1-2 gallons/square yard or 11-22 lbs.square yard)
  • Use a drag matt, lute, or the back of a rake to work the root zone down into the holes, near the roots to stimulate new root growth and enhance response

Laying turf or seeding over

  • Spread between 12-25mm thick (1/2 - 1")
  • If growing from seed, you can mix the seeds with the rootzone before spreading
  • Lay your turf onto the rootzone
  • Water Thoroughly

Lawn repair

  • Break up the compacted surface with a small garden fork
  • Apply 6mm (1/4") Earth Cycle Lawn Dressing to the area
  • Sow a grass seed to match the existing lawn
  • Water thoroughly
  • Protect from pests/birds and disturbance until the grass is established

If you are a homeowner looking for turf dressing can supply bulk bags, we can also provide the goods loose as well. If you would like this product loose, please contact our staff for more information regarding arrangements.

We also stock a variety of other products that are the perfect accompaniment to this, including our Topsoil Supreme and Cow Compost.

Turf Dressing Rootzone

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