What is Screened Soil and Why Should I Use it?


The process of screening topsoil is one that removes larger clods of soil, stones, roots, and other materials from the soil. This is usually done by size, meaning dirt that’s screened to 1” will have no lumps or anything larger than 1” in diameter. The way that the screening process works is that the finer the screening size, the finer the soil texture and, in most cases, the higher the price.

The screened soil or Earth Cycle topsoil supplied by Earth Cycle consists of a sandy loam that is produced from a screening plant. Please note that we often sell our peat free topsoil in bulk bags, and aim to get as close to your desired delivery date as possible. We also sell unscreened topsoil that’s perfect for almost any garden landscaping project, so contact us today for more information from our friendly team.

The screened soil is perfect for clayey gardens or gardens with drainage problems. It is also ideal for gardens where new turf is being laid, either as top soil or a top layer as it is free of weeds, plant roots, root growth and large stones. Depending on the type of soil and the small soil particles within it, screened soil can be fantastic for flower beds, general landscaping, or simply mixing with existing soil in certain areas of your garden.

Earth Cycle Screened Soil is ideal for small, tired gardens where the soil has worn out. Usually, after rotavating, your soil can become full of weeds and stones. Screened soil will freshen up the ground allowing new plants and turf to flourish. New screened soil will contain all of the necessary nutrients required for new plants and turf to grow and take root quickly.

If you want to grow plants, flowers or improve your lawn area, then screened topsoil is definitely the way to go. It will be appropriately divided into small pieces and comes loose in our bulk bags, in order to provide optimum drainage while also allowing nutrients to help your plants flourish.

Additionally, because the undesired weeds will have been eliminated, it will save you time and effort in the long run. This means you have more time to sit back, relax, and enjoy spending time in your garden for years and years to come. For more information regarding screen soil and its benefits, contact us today. 

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