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Elevate your outdoor haven, nurture your plants, and add that extra touch of beauty to your surroundings. Discover a range designed to make your gardening and landscaping dreams a vibrant reality. All prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery.

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Earth Cycle Topsoil is manufactured from high-quality constituents and blended with organic compost to create faultless soil for your garden, giving it an extra boost of organic matter.

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Earth Cycle Seasoned Logs are sourced from sustainable sources of woodland in West Sussex and Hampshire. View More

Compost and Soil Conditioners

Compost is a vital part of a healthy garden, it is an eco-friendly way to inject much-needed nutrients back into the ground, aiding plant growth and improving soil structure.

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Bark & Mulches

Barks and mulches are perfect for use in all landscaping projects and can add a nice decorative touch to any garden.

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Our premium turf is grown locally and is widely used across the UK.

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We’ve selected a range of gardening tools that meet the demands of the new generation of gardener where design, elegance, good looks and performance matter in equal measure.

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Gardening Accessories

Having the right gardening accessories available makes tasks a lot easier around the garden and will greatly improve your efficiency. Here at Earth Cycle, we have hand-selected sustainable, high quality, biodegradable garden essentials for your growing needs.

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Decorative Aggregates

Our decorative aggregate bulk bags are perfect for a variety of projects, including driveways, paths, garden borders, and more.

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Products of the month

We pick new products each month so you can find the right products for your garden or outdoor project throughout the year. Order today to get free delivery.

  • Spring Mulch

    Earth Cycle’s Spring Mulch can bring vitality to any garden by easing heavy clay soils and making them workable, building structure of light soils, enhancing water retention, reducing loss of nutrients (leaching) and stimulating beneficial soil life.

  • Vegetable Compost Soil Conditioner

    Earth Cycle’s Vegetable Compost Soil Conditioner is perfect for mixing into the soil of your existing vegetable patch. The peat-free organic compost breaks down naturally in the soil over many weeks, releasing all the nutrients into the soil. Slowly releasing these nutrients sustains root growth, flowering and fruiting, and injects the zest you need for a healthy vegetable patch.

  • Beds and Border Compost

    Our Beds and Borders Compost will improve drainage and aeration if your soil is heavy, but it will add plenty of body if your soil is light and sandy. With the addition of vital humus and plant nutrients, this organic compost soil conditioner naturally suppresses plant diseases and improves soil fertility.


We proudly present our comprehensive wholesale gardening and landscaping essentials – a section dedicated to businesses seeking uncompromising quality and professional-grade products. With offerings including compost, agricultural substrates, and decorative aggregates we provide the resources you require to achieve excellence in every landscaping and gardening endeavour.

Did you know?

At Earth Cycle we specialise in producing 100% peat-free, high-quality garden and landscaping products. All composts and topsoils we manufacture are done so under carefully controlled conditions using locally sourced plant materials from household collections, professional gardeners & landscapers, and local authorities.

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