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Spring is here! - view our range of Peat-Free Composts

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Spring Gardening

100% Peat-Free - and proud of it!

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No Dig Compost


Earth Cycle No Dig Compost is specially formulated for new No-Dig beds

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Welcome to Earth Cycle

At Earth Cycle we specialise in producing 100% peat-free, high-quality garden and landscaping products. All composts and topsoils we manufacture are done so under carefully controlled conditions using locally sourced plant materials from household collections, professional gardeners & landscapers, and local authorities.  


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From Cuttings to Compost: This is how Earth Cycle create their Peat Free, Sustainable Products

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Celebrating National Gardening Day 2022

April 13, 2022

Spring has sprung which means it’s time to get into your gardens and get your hands dirty just in time for National Gardening Day 2022…

Hints & Tips

How To Make Your Garden Eco-Friendly

August 03, 2022

Anyone can make improvements to their gardens to make them more eco-friendly and now more than ever, we should be doing as much as possible!…

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