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Bulk Bag Calculator

Topsoil, compost, mulch and bark calculator

Our product calculator is designed to help you calculate how much topsoil, compost, mulch, or bark you require for your project. Simply follow the steps below and click the “Calculate” button to find the quantity you require.

Please enter a value for all fields.
  1. Measure the area. If you are filling a raised bed or container, make sure to measure the depth as well. For turf dressing, mulching, and the laying of new topsoil, please refer to our product guides for information on how deep to lay for these purposes.
  2. Make sure you have selected the correct measurement units for each dimension
  3. Select the product from the list
  4. Click “Calculate” to see how much you require.

Calculator Result:

You will require   of   to cover the given area.

You will require   of turf to cover the given area.

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