Looking for the perfect logs for your fireplace or wood stove?

Look no further than our hardwood seasoned logs. Earth Cycle seasoned Logs are sourced from sustainable sources of woodland in West Sussex and Hampshire.

Our seasoned logs have been fully seasoned for over a year and have a low moisture content, which means they offer a consistent and even burn. Whether you want to create a cosy ambience or heat your home, our seasoned logs are the ideal choice.

Our logs are seasoned and dried for around 18 months and placed outdoors to bare the stresses of the environment. This allows the wind and sun to dry the sap all the way through, fully seasoning the dried logs. The bark on the logs also acts as a protector and with the wood being stacked up in a pile as this encourages the rain to run off.

pile of logs

Why use earth cycle logs?

The logs are left to be seasoned and we don’t pre-cut the wood, until the order is placed. We make sure to get the log sawn as close to delivery as possible to ensure the logs are as dry as they certainly can be. With the logs being seasoned they burn extremely well and shouldn’t blacken the glass of your woodburner, stove or kiln. How slowly the logs burn is usually determined by the amount of air the woodburner receives.

log burner

Types of wood

Earth Cycle firewood logs contain a hardwood mix of Ash, Silver Birch, Hazel and Cherry. This mixture of hardwood works well for logs as these mixes contribute to low moisture content, good heat temperature a nice scent, and the benefit of burning well without spitting.

Sizes of seasoned logs

When ready to be cut, our logs are roughly 8-10 inches and can be delivered in loose cubic metre loads or bulk bags. Our seasoned logs are perfect for log burners and open fires for outside BBQs and are ready for you whatever the weather.

chopped logs
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