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About Us

The Woodhorn Group is a family-run business that has grown from an organic dairy and arable farm to encompass solar farming, property management and a fully-fledged waste recycling business.

Since diversifying into composting and recycling in 1998, we now have a dedicated team and three sites based in West Sussex and Hampshire. It is here that we recycle a considerable amount of garden waste from households and businesses across West Sussex. From the recycled waste, The Woodhorn Group produce its Earth Cycle range of peat free products including soil conditioner, top soil, turf dressing, wood chip and cow compost.

Compost is a vital part of a healthy garden, it is an eco-friendly way to inject much needed nutrients back into the ground aiding plant growth and improving soil structure.

Why Use Earth Cycle?

At Earth Cycle our mission is to become as sustainable as possible. We are passionate about the environment and hope that our products can help make a difference.

  • By recycling green waste to make our products, we are helping to reduce the
    quantity of waste being directed into landfills, resulting in a reduction of toxic
    gases that get released into the atmosphere.

  • Unlike many brands, our products are 100% peat free. Peat is harvested from peat bogs, destroying fragile ecosystems that have taken millions of years to develop.

  • Peat bogs are also carbon sinks. Harvesting them releases carbon into the atmosphere, exacerbating global warming.

  • Our compost holds carbon reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Many gardening products contain ingredients like coir, which have travelled from overseas therefore, have a large carbon footprint. All our products are made here on-site using locally-sourced recycled green waste and plant materials.

All the green waste we receive is composted under carefully controlled conditions to produce high quality products, as defined by the British Standard for Composted Materials – BSI PAS 100.

Why are our products effective?

Earth Cycle Peat Free Compost is packed full of the essential nutrients contained in the organic matter and is nature’s natural soil conditioner, giving your garden the vitality it needs.

Our products improve soil structure, increase workability and drainage of heavy clay soils, whilst increasing moisture retention in sandy soils, leading to drought resistance. Your garden will flourish as beneficial soil microbes are enhanced; leading to a healthy soil that naturally suppresses plant disease and attacks from pests.

Earth Cycle Peat Free Compost improves the soil structure biologically, physically and chemically, providing a better rooting environment. The organic compost contains significant levels of phosphate for strong root development and nitrogen to help boost growth. It also contains potash and sulphur in addition to other major and minor nutrients. These enhance plant establishment and sustain growth for many months.

Using compost as a soil improver brings
many benefits

  • Increased nutrient levels and reduces need for fertilisers
  • Enhanced root growth and plant quality
  • Enriched microbial activity and increased soil temperatures
  • Reduced root diseases and plant deaths

How It’s Made



Each delivery is received at our waste sites in Tangmere


The deliveries are then inspected before being put through our shredder to break down the material


Up to 70 tonnes of green waste is shred per hour and every week the material is formed into 1000 tonne batches.


The batch temperatures are maintained at 65- 80°C to ensure all weed seeds are destroyed.


The composting material is monitored and turned over 14 weeks and towards the end of this period the material is ready for screening.


This is when all plastic and stone contaminants are removed and the compost is then screened to a size between 10mm and 20mm.


Once blended the compost is ready for delivery to be put to great use in your garden!

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