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Earth Cycle Topsoils are manufactured from high quality constituents, blended with compost to create a faultless soil for your garden.

To fit a variety of needs our organic and peat free topsoils are perfect for creating new gardens, allotments, raised beds and vegetable plots. They are also ideal to plant flowers or vegetables and can be used to level lawns for a neater garden you can care for with ease. All customers that order with us receive their products in a handy bulk bag, which are not only a great size, they are great value. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products and with this, not only do we produce our topsoils, but they are all stored undercover to ensure they are ready for use whatever the weather.

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Topsoil is a key component for any landscaping project and can be used for numerous methods in the garden, such as laying turf, sowing seeds and planting flowers and vegetables.

Topsoil Supreme

Our Topsoil Supreme is a BS3882 Certified manufactured topsoil blended with quarried sand and our own PAS100 Compost Soil Conditioner to create the perfect topsoil for all your landscaping needs. This is our most multi-purpose topsoil and is great for creating new gardens, allotments, raised beds, planting bulbs and vegetable plots. Our Compost Soil Conditioner is blended into this product to help give that extra boost of organic matter, ensuring anything you plant - for example vegetables - has access to vital nutrients to help them grow.

Lawn Supreme

Lawn Supreme is great for revitalising your garden lawn. It can be put for use under new turf, seeding grass seed into and levelling out your lawn. Similar to Topsoil Supreme we mix it with compost for the purpose of helping stimulate strong root growth. Why not use this multi-purpose product to create a perfect turf for your garden, ready for the summer?

BS3882 Topsoil

BS3882 Topsoil is ideal for use in landscaping in and around building or infrastructure projects whereby a technical certificate is required. It is also suitable for application within the garden as it is full of nutrients and helps retain water and moisture, making this product ideal next to paving and decking. Earth Cycle’s BS3882 Topsoil is certified to BS3882:2015 specification for the grade ‘Multi-Purpose Topsoil’. This topsoil is sand based compared to our Topsoil Supreme.

Turf Dressing Rootzone

Our high-quality Turf Dressing Rootzone is designed for top dressing lawns, divot filling, laying turf onto and sowing seed into. Produced from our peat free compost and mixed with sand, our turf dressing is packed full of nutrients, creating vigour in the grass and enhancing durability. You can fill any hollows that may have developed in the grass surface and continued application will build an ideal soil structure and rootzone for your turf over the years.

Wildflower Topsoil

Wildflowers need less nutrients than most plants so we've developed a topsoil for wildflowers that has the perfect level of nutrients for them. Perfect for sowing seeds in March and April.

What to expect from our products

All our topsoils are stored undercover, ensuring that they are kept to a high standard and are workable whatever the weather. Our products are delivered in convenient bulk bags being able to fit 750 litres or 1 cubic meter depending on the product.

Earth Cycle works in partnership with the Woodhorn Group to provide ethically produced products across the UK, find out more about our processes in the video above. For details about Earth Cycle and the Woodhorn group please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our delivery service is quick and easy, with our vast range of products delivered within 5 working days. Plus you can specify the best day to receive your delivery when placing your order. For more information click here to find out about our delivery service.

We also offer a wide variety of gardening and landscaping products as well as topsoil, such as Compost Mulch, Decorative Ornamental BarkTurf and Soil Conditioners. For more information regarding our Topsoil or any other products and accessories in our range, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team. We deliver all our products nationally and all the prices for our products are inclusive of VAT. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our topsoil experts.

Please see below some of the areas we cover: 

Topsoil London | Topsoil Manchester | Topsoil PrestonTopsoil Worthing | Topsoil Crawley | Topsoil Eastbourne | Topsoil Brighton | Topsoil Guildford | Topsoil Woking  | Topsoil Canterbury | Topsoil Andover |  Topsoil Fareham | Topsoil Winchester | Topsoil Southampton | Topsoil Portsmouth | Topsoil Horsham | Topsoil Oxfordshire | Topsoil Nottingham | Topsoil Bristol | Topsoil Liverpool | Topsoil Leeds | Topsoil Cardiff | Topsoil Cambridge | Topsoil Coventry | Topsoil Plymouth | Topsoil Leicester | Topsoil Exeter | Topsoil Bath | Topsoil Wolverhampton | Topsoil Peterborough | Topsoil Chester | Topsoil Salisbury | Topsoil Essex | Topsoil Berkshire | Topsoil Reading | Topsoil Swindon | Topsoil Colchester | Topsoil Chelmsford | Topsoil Norfolk | Topsoil Norwich.