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Earth Cycle’s wood products are sourced from sustainable woodlands.

They are suitable for a wide range of applications from improving the appearance of your garden to providing safety for children’s play areas.

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Barks and mulches are perfect for use in all landscaping projects and can add a nice decorative touch to any garden.

Ornamental Bark

Our ornamental bark is produced from mixed conifer bark, with the particles falling in the range of 8-35mm. Manufactured from materials sourced 100% within the British Isles, our bark is completely free of any trace of methyl bromide contamination and all foreign matter, such as metal, glass and plastic. Our ornamental bark is durable, long lasting and free from pathogens, pests and weed seeds.

Compost Mulch & Woodland Mulch

Our Compost Mulch is screened to 25mm and can be used as a mulch to cover plants and to insulate the soil or to be used as a soil conditioner to be worked into the soil to improve the texture. Woodland Mulch is another product great for mulching and is a cross between our ornamental bark and compost mulch. It serves as a cheaper alternative to using ornamental bark and is more decorative compared to our compost mulch, but includes the same benefits of feeding the soil, deterring slugs and snails, supressing weeds and conserving moisture content.

Playground Bark Chips

Our Playground Bark Chips are a natural product that is long-lasting, easy to maintain and attractive and suitable for use in rural, urban and exposed sites. It conforms to BS EN 1177, in which the playground bark is used as an impact absorbing playground safety surface of the critical fall height in excess of 3m at a depth of 150mm and 300mm. It’s suitable for use with all playground equipment and is free draining, helping to provide a clean play surface all year long. The Playground bark chips are produced from 100% British hardwood from sustainable sources, which is an added benefit as this helps to deter use by cats and dogs.

Nursery Chip

To top off our Bark and Mulches range is our Nursery Chip, which is a mini chipped luxury bark product. It is used for small gardening projects, such as dressing large pots or small beds to help give that exclusive look.

Our products are delivered in convenient 1 cubic metre bulk bags, but can also be delivered loose depending on your location.

What's the difference between mulch and compost?

Mulch and compost are organic materials that can improve soil health and fertility, but they serve different purposes in gardening and landscaping.

The purpose of mulch is to retain moisture, suppress weed growth, and regulate soil temperature and compost is used to provide nutrients to soil to improve soil health and fertility.

Will bark stop weeds?

By laying down a layer of bark, you can prevent weed development by creating a barrier that blocks any sunlight. However, to maximise the efficiency of bark, it is essential that any existing weeds be removed before laying down your bark. It's also critical to use a thick coating of bark, ideally 2-3 inches deep, and to inspect and renew the bark layer on a regular basis.

What bark is best for a play area?

A play area or garden can benefit from our Play Area Woodfibre, which offers more protection from falls and creates a soft surface for children to play on. There is a mixture of soft and hardwood tree species in our bark and bark sizes ranging from 8 mm to 20 mm.

What to expect from our products

All of our products are stored undercover, ensuring that they are kept to a high standard and are workable whatever the weather. We can deliver in convenient bulk bags being able to fit 750 litres or 1 cubic metre depending on the product.

Earthcycle work in partnership with the Woodhorn Group to provide ethically produced products across the UK, find out more about our processes in the video above.