No Dig Gardening

Peat-free, sustainable products which are perfect for no-dig gardening

The ‘No Dig’ gardening method is an easier way to create beds, manage weeds and yield quality produce. You’ll find all the no dig gardening products here to start your own ‘Grow Your Own Garden. The products range from no dig compost and woodland mulch, to bamboo seed trays and soil scoops.

No dig gardening often results in larger vegetables being grown and it is also a great option if you don’t have much time to dig over beds or borders.

About no-dig gardening

  • What is no-dig gardening?

    No dig gardening is a method used by gardeners to help grow organic vegetables or ornamental plants.

    Gardeners add organic matter, such as garden compost or manure, to the soil surface to help emulate the natural process of decomposition. Rather than being ‘dug in’ a no dig gardener allows the plants, fungi and other organisms to incorporate and breakdown the organic matter into the soil.

    This results in the soil structure not being disturbed, as there is no digging taking place. Other organisms, such as worms, are left undisturbed as well which helps to keep the soil’s ecosystem intact.

  • Why use Earth Cycle’s no-dig compost products?

    Earth Cycle’s No Dig Compost has been specially formulated for new vegetable beds in which the “no dig” method will be used. A blend of composted fine bark and coir is at the core of this Peat-Free growing medium, alongside a slow release fertiliser that is resistant to leeching and will last up to 12 weeks with no risk of scorching young or delicate plants.

    This organic No Dig Compost has been developed for no dig gardening and is vegan friendly – it is the ideal product for new vegetable beds.

  • How to use no-dig compost?

    We recommend that our No Dig Compost is best applied to your no dig bed at a depth of 2” before planting. This growing medium in best used for creating or maintaining your no dig allotment or no dig garden.

    Earth Cycle work in partnership with the Woodhorn Group to provide ethically produced products across the UK and you are guaranteed a high-quality No Dig Compost.

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