Bespoke Rootzones

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At Earth Cycle we can produce a range of rootzones including USGA to suit your specific needs. We can supply a variety of products, mixed in any ratio to include sand/soil or sand/compost.

Our rootzones are nutrient packed to help boost soil fertility and improve drainage. Furthermore, they stimulate strong root growth, increasing sward density, durability and creating vitality in grass. Resistance to drought and weed/moss invasion will also be enhanced. Our rootzones are designed for top dressing tees and fairways, seed sowing, top dressing parks and pitches, and is the product of choice for use as a divot mix and for maintenance or full construction.

We currently supply our rootzones to a variety of customers, from high-end golf clubs and racecourses, to local councils and local non-league football clubs.

Please contact us for further information on how we can help you with your specific rootzone requirements.

Bespoke Rootzones


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