3 brand new bark products now available!


We’re excited to announce a trio of bark products to the Earth Cycle range of composts – Bark Nuggets, Fine Composted Bark, and Playarea Woodfibre

Bark Nuggets

Available in 750L Bulk Bag

Earth Cycle’s Bark Nuggets provide a quality graded decorative surface, which maintains soil temperature and protects plant roots from winter frost and summer sun, whilst suppressing weed growth. Our bark nuggets are produced from Pine, Douglas Fir and Larch, with particles falling within the range of 15-65mm.

Fine Composted Bark

Available in 850L Bulk Bag

Earth Cycle’s Fine Composted Bark is produced from 100% British mixed conifer bark with a high percentage of spruce, it can be used as a single season ornamental mulch or as a soil conditioner. 

Playarea Woodfibre

Available in 850L Bulk Bag

Earth Cycle’s Playarea Woodfibre is an attractive woodfibre suitable for use with play equipment in all rural, urban and exposed sites. Free draining and produced from a blend of hardwood and softwood species, with 90% of particles falling within the range of 8-20mm, this hard-wearing product provides a clean play surface all year long.

All three products are now available to order in bulk bags delivered directly to your home. To order online, click here or call us on 01243 781730

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