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A Few Facts about Daffodils
01 Mar

In celebration of St David's Day, we've put together a few facts about the humble Daffodil

Did you know....

Daffodils actually come from Greece and were first cultivated in ancient Rome and Greece around 200 – 300 BC.

Their Latin name is Narcissus, which was the name of a handsome young man in ancient Greece who was told not to ever look at his reflection by the gods. He of course did and was turned into a daffodil for his vanity.

Daffodils are the 10th anniversary flower If given as a single flower, they are said to be bad luck, so always give them in a bunch.

Daffodil sap is toxic to other flowers, so florists tend to soak the stems for 24 hours before putting them with other flowers.

Planting Daffodils

Be sure to have planted your daffodil bulbs by the end of October. To line your beds, we recommend our Beds and Borders Compost which is packed with nutrients.
Plant the bulbs pointy side up and to a depth of around 3 times the height of the bulb.
Once the daffodils have bloomed and have started to fade, be sure to dead head them so that the bulb saves energy for next year.


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