Bournbrook DIY


We were delighted to be contacted by a community skatepark in Birmingham to ask if we could supply compost and topsoil for the surrounding garden areas. Bournbrook is a community area which was cleaned up and is now run by local skateboarders.

Bournbrook was one of the first places in Europe where graffiti was legalised in the 80s, artists such as Banksy and 3D from Massive Attack have created pieces there. After lots of work and the community coming together, Bournbrook DIY has been turned into a safe place for skateboarders to skate and for local people to get involved in gardening. Earth Cycle donated two bulk bags of Topsoil Supreme and one bulk bag of Compost to be used for the raised beds around the park and back the project. We hope the council sees the benefits on people’s wellbeing from having a such a great community area they can go to to and be involved in projects. 

Now the team behind Bournbrook DIY is trying to get the council on board with the project so it can be preserved and recognised as a community area and be saved from being demolished.

You can learn more about the project by watching this short documentary:

Bournbrook DIY Birmingham from Googlemyface on Vimeo

To support the movement head over to the Bournbrook DIY petition linked HERE or to to help raise funds follow this LINK to their fundraiser.

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