Cow Appreciation Day 2021


Cow Appreciation Day is a celebration of cows and the dairy industry across the world! Here at Earth Cycle, cows play an important role with our award-winning organic dairy herd producing milk to be sold across the world and their manure in our unique Cow Compost. Cow Appreciation Day is an excellent way to bring awareness to the industry and the important role cows play in our society.

Here’s some fun facts about cows in numbers from the Cow Appreciation Day page:

The age of the oldest cow ever (a Dremon cow named ‘Big Bertha’)

Cows lie down for 14 hours a day

Number of litres cows can drink of water a day (or a bath tub of water!)

The number of hours it takes a cow to turn grass into milk

Average pints of milk a cow produces a day

1.8 million
The number of cows in the UK

The weight in pounds of the heaviest live birth of a calf in 1961.

The furthest distance in miles that cows can detect an odour

At Earth Cycle we produce a cow compost made from cow manure that enriches the soil with all the nutrients needed for plant and vegetable growth.

How did it start?

We have prided ourselves on the care and attention we pay to our dairy cows since the origins of our farm back in 1882. As an Organic farm, The Woodhorn Group has striven to reduce the amount of chemicals given to the cattle both through feed and antibiotics, ensuring a pure and deliciously natural dairy product.

We currently have around 250 dairy cattle and, along with our Waste Management area of the company (producing around 23,000 tonnes of Peat-Free Compost each year), we combine composted Cow Manure and our Green Compost in just the right quantities to produce our unique Cow Compost for gardeners across the UK.

How is it made?

Our cow manure is collected and mixed with our peat-free compost at a ratio of 50/50. The resulting product is heated up to 80 degrees over a period of 14 weeks whilst it goes through the composting process. This means we end up with a premium quality Cow Compost, rich in nutrients and 100% peat-free.

For more information or to buy our Cow Compost, click HERE

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