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Donating to Local School Project "Make Change Happen"
17 Jan

Back in November we were contacted by students of the University of Chichester Teacher Training Department who were given a special project within the community to ‘Make Change Happen’. As funds were tight we were asked if we could help in any way.

Woodcroft School in Waterlooville, Hampshire is a disadvantaged school, where 50% of pupils live in flats, therefore do not access to gardening spaces and so do not have the opportunity to grow their own food. University of Chichester students, therefore, were asked to create seven allotment beds that could be used by the school for this exact purpose.

the area as it was before

                      Earth Cycle Lorry unloading


The piece of land given to them was pretty barren to start with, but the students were undeterred with the task and we were only too happy to help. In response to their plea, we happily donated 2 bulk bags of our Topsoil Supreme to the project to help fill the bed.

“We would love to use a company within the local area to support local business and create a community spirit” they stated in an initial email to us. Upon delivery of the bags, the University were very happy, adding The top soil provided for us was extremely beneficial for our project and will help the children at the school to grow their produce! We are very grateful for the support provided and ensuring the project could come alive!”

As you can see, the students have worked very hard on creating a wonderful space where disadvantaged children can learn invaluable skills enabling them to be self which will aid them for the rest of their lives. The project is scheduled to be completed by May 2019 and each year group will be allocated their own bed “allowing them to develop ownership and have a sense of belonging”.

 The finished beds

If you would like more information on the products and services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are only too happy to help support our local community in building better futures for everyone.

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