Eager for Easter: Time to rejuvenate your garden


For those who go into hibernation during the winter and don’t step out into the garden, Easter weekend is always a great opportunity to wake up, grab the gloves and get back outside.

With it being the start of spring this is the prime time to rejuvenate your garden for the year ahead. Although Easter is early this year and the recent wet weather hasn’t helped with the gardening tasks we would normally complete, there are still some jobs that you can definitely start on this 4-day break.

Here are some of the jobs you can add to your checklist: Check your tools:

  • Give them a clean and update those that need it
  • Give your lawn a fresh cut, spike it and use a turf dressing to revitalise it after the winter months
  • Clear out any weeds that may have decided to spring up early, their grip is not as stubborn this early on
  • Feed your beds and borders: Our Compost Soil Conditioner is ideal as it improves all types of soils, injects your plants with moisture and provides vital nutrients, encouraging them to flourish
  • The recent cold weather has helped to hold back budding roses, so there’s no time like the present to start pruning
  • Look over trees and shrubs planted last year. Their roots would have loosened due to the wind and frost, meaning that you might need to re-firm the soil
  • Plant potatoes: Now is the best time to grow them and they are a great vegetable thanks to their versatility
  • Mulch your plants with either bark chippings or our organic Compost Mulch, as this will help with water retention during the summer and is also a great weed suppressor; you don’t want your time weeding to go to waste
  • Plan, plan, plan! Think about what you want to achieve in your garden this year, where you want to plant and what you’ll need to get. Planning now will help make it that much easier when getting round to the actual task itself

With all these jobs, your Easter weekend looks set. Your garden will be thanking you for the early start and come summer you will be reaping the benefits. So get your gardening gloves on and be sure to clear some great spots for your Easter eggs!

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