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Earth Cycle launches new No Dig Compost
16 Apr

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest compost, which has been specially formulated for creating ‘No Dig’ vegetable plots.

At the core of this Peat-Free growing medium is a blend of composted fine bark and coir, with a slow-release fertiliser that is resistant to leaching and will last for up to 12 weeks with no risk of scorching young or delicate plants. Developed specifically for 'No Dig' gardeners, it is not only peat-free, but contains only organic and vegan-friendly constituents, blended to produce a growing environment that all young plants and seedlings will thrive in.

Earth Cycle AllotmentEarth CYcle Compst Bulk Bag

The No Dig method of gardening has gained a surge in popularity amongst gardeners and allotment holders in the past year and involves laying compost or mulch directly onto the surface of the soil, or in the case of the first growing season, directly onto a layer of cardboard which will block out any light to prevent existing weeds in the soil from growing and eventually kill them. From then on, because the surface of the bed is only lightly disturbed and not dug, less weed seeds will germinate and any that do can be easily removed. Other benefits that advocates of this method see are improved soil structure as well as stronger growth in plants.

Our No Dig Compost is now available to buy in both 750L and 1000L Bulk Bags.

Buy No Dig Compost and find out more

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