Earth Cycle Peat Free Compost helps win GOLD at Chelsea


Efforts put in by The Woodhorn Group to create and supply a special peat free ‘green compost’ for Sparsholt College’s latest garden at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower show have been rewarded with not only a Gold but also ‘The Best RHS Discovery Exhibit’ too.

Working in partnership with leading disposables packaging manufacturer Huhtamaki UK Ltd, Sparsholt College Hampshire and The Woodhorn Group, the ‘Paper Chase’ garden was designed by students of Sparsholt College with the plants grown in compost created by The Woodhorn Group using Huhtamaki’s environmentally sustainable BioWare paper cups range. This was the culmination of a research and development project between Huhtamaki and The Woodhorn Group to create a sustainable and productive growing media by composting biodegradable coffee cups. The final compost used at Chelsea was produced by The Woodhorn Group from a combination of green garden waste and Huhtamaki’s ground breaking paper cups.

The gardens five main sections portray a strong environmental message, intended to enthuse and educate everyone with the merits of sustainability, composting and waste recycling.

Morgan Davies, Waste Recycling Manager for The Woodhorn Group said: “The partnership with Huhtamaki and Sparsholt College has been a great opportunity to prove that a manufactured biodegradable product can be effectively recycled into a usable, quality material that is not only 100% natural, but has a genuine benefit as a soil conditioner and improver.”

“The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a world famous and prestigious event. It has been a real honour to be involved and now recognised with a Gold and ‘Best in Show’ award. This is a fantastic achievement – not only for sustainability, but as an incredible reward for the hard work and dedication invested by Sparsholt College and the team of 21 students.  Sparsholt College Hampshire’s continued success at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is wonderful, and The Woodhorn Group is thrilled to have been able to work in partnership with them in the creation of ‘The Paper Chase’.

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