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From cuttings to compost: watch our new green waste recycling video
23 Nov

We are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new green waste recycling video, demonstrating how your garden cuttings are turned into nutrient rich soil conditioners and compost, starting from the collection of the waste all the way through to the final product. 

The whole process takes up to 14 weeks and the video takes you through each carefully controlled stage of the journey including shredding, temperature monitoring, turning and screening.

At The Woodhorn Group we produce over 75,000 tons of compost each year and are passionate about conservation and protecting the environment. We want to share our passion and encourage everyone in the local community to start recycling their unwanted garden waste, which includes everything from bark, flowers, grass cuttings and leaves to plants, small branches, twigs and weeds.

Compost is a vital part of a healthy garden, it is an eco-friendly way to inject much needed nutrients back into the ground, aiding plant growth and improving soil structure. However, the benefits don’t just stop in our gardens. Recycling green waste also reduces the quantity of waste being directed into our landfills, resulting in a reduction of toxic gases that get released into the atmosphere. Composting also cuts down on the usage of chemical fertilizers, which are harmful to our water supply.

We have been working on our new video for many months and are so proud to now be able to share it with you all.Click here to see the green waste story and not only get inspired, but also get involved using #greenwastestory.

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