Garden Makeover!


We all like a good ‘before and after’ story. So let me show you mine!

You may recall me blogging last year as we followed Sam’s allotment success, that I was waiting to obtain my own garden. Well this became my Spring Project (I say mine, it was mainly by partner’s and you will see why by the list of things we had to do!)

Cosmetics included painting a never before treated fence and put in a base for a shed:

As this photo shows, this was our blank canvas.

The shed was needed for much sort after storage, hence the base, we had a concrete area that had cracks (very unsightly) and we removed turf to reveal very stony soil as below picture shows! All in all a very brown, ugly project to be had!

So the to do list:

  • Install a shed
  • Make a raised bed (recycling old, unused wood)
  • Fill the raised bed with Top Soil Supreme
  • Dig over the soil to remove stones and level with Top Soil Supreme (compost element is vital nutrients for the grass seed)
  • Seed the lawn
  • Top Dress the seed with  Compost Soil Conditioner to protect the seed and retain moisture
  • Separate the grass area and patio area with brick on edge border
  • Lay patio

Not a long list at all! Think you can see why I was less involved in this part. However, in my defense I was digging the hole for the shed base, dug over the soil on turf area and helped cart Top Soil Supreme into the necessary places. Not totally useless!

I digress! The following pictures show these tasks completed!

The Shed!

My favourite part of my garden – my raised bed – shame I can’t get to it to plant whilst we wait for the grass to take fully!

The Brick on edge and patio completed to separate distinct areas, and keep a nice border for the grass!

We were worried about the grass at first as you watch it every day and nothing, then overnight (about a week after planting) it suddenly starts growing …

… and there is no stopping it. This change from the picture above was 3 days later.

And the grass keeps on coming. This picture was taken 5 days after the previous picture and 2 weeks after we put the seed down.

It has been vitallty important using Compost Soil Conditioner to retain moisture during dry days and obviously the rain (however little in amount) has helped dramatically too!

Finally, my garden doesn’t look so brown

Now it is over to me to plant up the garden! As we can’t get to the larger raised border, I planted up the box (also made from recycled wood) on the patio. My challenge is the garden is north facing with areas of deep shade caused by the building.

So my box has hostas (blue mouse ear, independence and high society), ferns (shuttlecock and osmunda regalis) and Tricyris. All are tolerant of partial and even deep shade. Advice online suggests trialling with plants to see if they thrive in shade, so as with gardening in general, that is what I am doing. The Tricyris’ seem to be doing well.

I am looking forward to the challenge of a north facing garden, the raised bed gets more light than anywhere else, so I should be able to experiment more with the variety of plants. But I am thinking I would like a country garden/woodland type theme. I also want to grow herbs for cooking. I hope to keep you updated on progress. It is important to show you our products in action.

Also, a plea! If anyone has any advice or ideas for the challenge of a north facing garden, please do let me know! 

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