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Gardening Tips - March
28 Feb

It’s all go in March! If you have an allotment or vegetable patch in your garden, now is the time to start planting to most vegetables to maximise growth and yield. To start you off, we've created a list of just some of the vegetables to sow or plant in March.

First Early potatoes from chitting
Onions (Plant 10cm apart)
Asparagus (Plant 1/2” deep, one to a pot)
First carrots (Plant 1.5cm deep, 15cm apart)
Parsnips (Plant 1.3cm deep, 15cm apart)
Turnips (Plant 2cm deep)
Beetroot (Plant 2cm deep, 10cm apart)
Carrots (Plant 1.5cm deep, 15cm apart)
Leeks (Plant 1cm deep, 15cm apart)
Lettuce (Plant 13mm deep, 30cm apart)
Pea (Plant 5cm deep, 6cm apart)
Radish (Plant 10cm deep)
Most brassicas can be sown in the ground about now (Plant 1-2cm deep, 15cm apart).

Also, now is time to think about sowing seeds in the greenhouse ready to transplant outside once the frosts have definitely passed. Seeds to sow include Celery, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Courgettes, Aubergines and Chillies.


If you have container plants, now is a good time to replace the compost too. Our Vegetable Compost and Beds & Borders Compost has a high PH and is rich in nutrients. Mix it with some of our Topsoil Supreme for a lovely growing media.

Lawn Care

Make sure the ground is dry enough before attempting any work to avoid damaging emerging shoots.

A bit of light raking is a good idea now, getting rid of any leaves and other debris, as well as lifting any shoots that didn’t take. This will keep down the development of thatch building up, making your life easier later on.

Lawn Rake

Late March going into April is a good time to give the grass a bit of a feed using a fertiliser. It may need this if we have had a harsh or particularly bad winter.

It will be a bit too early to start mowing so it is better to wait until April to allow more growth to come through.

Interested in buying topsoil in Essex, London, Southampton, Nottingham.

or any other locations listed on our topsoil page? Get in touch with us today!

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