Growing with the little ones


Getting the kids out in the garden or allotment is a great way to get them away from the TV or computer games. Planting seeds and watching them sprout is an amazing way to get them enthusiastic about gardening.

Getting Started

When gardening you want to make sure you have some small tools and watering cans they can easily use, such as a soil scoop or trowel and having a good selection of seeds for them to choose between would be thrilling for them, we will go over the best things to grow below. Also, building or buying a bee hotel or bug box would be a nice addition to the garden for them to check every day to see if any bees or bugs have moved in.

See our tools section to find handheld tools children could use here.

What to Plant

Growing plants you can eat for dinner could be a great way to encourage the kids to eat some veg and overall might make food preparation and dinner time more fun. We’ve selected a few easy veg and flowers for you to grow.

Runner Beans

This towering plant is a perfect seed to sow in April. Planting this seed will give the kids some small projects to work on like building a frame with netting for the beans to climb up. The runner bean is an easy plant to grow and yields a good harvest in a small area making it a great option for beginners.


Growing lettuce is a good option as there are so many varieties that it can be grown all year round. It also only takes 12 days to begin to sprout so the kids won’t have to wait long to start seeing results. Here’s a garden salad recipe that you could use your lettuce and any parsley or rocket you may be growing for. 


Courgettes are another good seed to sow in April. Courgettes are fun and easy to grow and grow abundantly. Courgettes can get quite big, making it an exciting option for the kids. Why not try making a ratatouille dish with your freshly harvested courgettes. Here’s a recipe you can use.  


Sunflowers are easy to grow from seeds and are a great one to plant with the children. Although they take between 11 to 18 weeks to flower, it will be worth the wait as the they will be amazed by how big they can get. It is advised to plant sunflower seeds every week between March to May so you will get a steady flow of flowering sunflowers throughout the summer. Maybe you could do a competition and see who’s sunflower grows the biggest.

To Sum Up

The Easter break is a perfect time to start any jobs in the garden or down the allotment, so why not get the kids involved and try out our advice. Even if your garden or allotment is already packed with sowed seeds you could always try fun activities like building a pot pond or making a green terrarium for the kids to take home.

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