How is Cow Compost Made?


Cow compost is one of our best-selling products. And perhaps that’s because it has deep links with the history of our business. Earth Cycle is part of The Woodhorn Group – and at the heart of the business is an organic dairy farm. We pride ourselves on the care and attention we pay to our dairy cows – something which has been important since the origins of our farm back in 1882. And these lovely cows are now the source of the manure for our cow compost.  

As a farm, which was certified organic in 1998, we’ve always been committed to nurturing our herd without chemicals and antibiotics, ensuring a pure and deliciously natural product – whether it’s milk or manure!

We currently have around 260 dairy cattle and, together with our waste management business (which produces over 50,000 tonnes of peat-free, 100% recycled compost each year from local green waste), we combine cow manure and 10mm compost in just the right quantities to produce a wonderful garden product. It’s also got strong eco-credentials and is a fantastic way to manage excess cattle waste and feed it – and all its goodness – back into the earth.


Our cow manure is collected and mixed with our green waste at a ratio of 50/50. This mix is then added to our composting process, biologically decomposing and closely monitored for temperature and moisture over a period of 14 weeks. This means we end up with a premium quality cow compost, rich in nutrients and 100% peat-free.


Our cow compost is perfect for vigorous root, shoot and bud growth in roses, vegetables, fruit and herbaceous borders. Using the product on your beds and borders can improve drainage and aeration in heavy clay soils and adds body to light sandy soils. These qualities can help if you’re looking to retain moisture and nutrients and establish an energetic foundation for your garden.


If you need some cow compost or any other of our composts, you can order your products to be delivered kerbside to your home. It’s not just composts we sell either, we have plenty of other handy gardening products including topsoilsmulches, and tools. Order yours today! 

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