Lawn Maintenance: The Key To A Healthy Lawn


An attractive garden always has a lovely looking lawn and maintaining your lawn is not all that difficult. Keeping lawns looking healthy and in tip top condition can be achieved by a little work in the early spring.

  1. The first process is to rake or scarify (with appropriate machinery) the surface of the lawn to remove any dead grass, thatch and moss until the soil surface is visible through the grass.
  2. The second step is to spike the surface of the lawn with a garden fork or if the lawn is of a larger size an aerating machine can be hired to do it. This step allows the air to get to the root system, thus encouraging strong healthy root growth.
  3. The final process is to dress the surface with a rich dressing, such as Earth Cycle’s Rootzone 5mm (turf dressing), as this will provide the nutrients your lawn needs. We recommend giving your lawn a liberal covering of grass seed, which should be raked in over the area and spread evenly.

When needed, mow the lawn, ensuring to raise or lower the mowing deck to the optimum height. It is recommended to cut off no more than ⅓ of the grass blades with each mowing session. If possible we would also suggest using a lawn sprinkler to apply roughly 1 inch of water per spreading across two or three applications a week. Following this simple process to maintain your lawn will become an easy task, ensuring that it stays healthy and looking fantastic.

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