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National Allotment Week Winners get stuck in with raised beds
28 Sep

Our National Allotments Week photo competition drew in entrants from across the UK this year, but it was an entry from Jane in Buckinghamshire that really caught the judges' eyes with a display of both great fruit & veg from the allotment and community spirit that meant the "Weedon Growers" were awarded the prize of a bulk bag of Earth Cycle peat-free Topsoil.

The Weedon Growers
The winning photo from the Weedon Growers

This team of growers have now been busy putting their prize to great use by rebuilding some of their raised beds using donated scaffolding planks and filling them with their bag of Topsoil Supreme.

Our unique Topsoil Supreme is a natural topsoil blended with 30% of our own PAS100 compost. It is ideal for multi-purpose use as it is rich with a perfect balance of natural organic nutrients and humus, with strong moisture retention ability. Perfect for use throughout the garden and over the allotment!

We can't wait until next year's competition when we get to see more of your amazing allotments and all the produce been growing!

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