Organic milk is healthier – New Report


‘Farmers Weekly’ published an article this week following the findings of a study from scientists at Newcastle University, that organic milk is healthier that its conventional counterpart.

They examined 22 brands of milk, 10 of which were organic. The report found that organic milk contained lower levels of saturated fats, more beneficial fatty acids and the quality was better all year round. Previous studies suggested that the benefits of organic milk were minimal in winter.

The study was published in this months ‘Journal of Dairy Science’ and showed that the nutritional content in conventional milk varied more.

Read the article here 

Why The Woodhorn Group is so interested, in case you were not aware, is because we have an organic dairy herd producing milk for OMSCo. That’s one of our cows in the above picture!

So, if you don’t already drink organic milk, does this report convince you to switch?

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