Organic September


Become a natural gardener this Organic September!

It’s #OrganicSeptember. This month the Soil Association is running a month-long campaign to raise awareness of organic products, brands, producers and farmers who bring them to the UK.

With many of us keen to do all we can to help the environment there are lots of different ways we can be organic in our gardens and allotments this month to support Organic September. Here are some of the Earth Cycle team’s top tips:

  • Mulch beds and borders with our peat-free recycled green waste compost or one of our organic barks
  • Try making your own compost bins out of disused pallets
  • Experiment with trying a no dig method, putting a blend of soil and organic compost (2 parts topsoil to 1 part compost) on top of cardboard to around 150mm in depth and planting into this directly
  • Look for organic slug and snail pellets or better still rehome any pests away from your plot where they can’t do any damage. Failing this, admit that you may have with ‘acceptable losses’ in your crop or think about companion plants to divert their attention away from your crops
  • Create your own organic aphid spray – use 1 tablespoon of organic plant-based washing-up liquid to 1 litre of water – it will be just as effective against bugs
  • Seep nettles and comfrey in water for around 4 to 6 weeks to create a wonderful (although somewhat potent) organic liquid fertiliser
  • Recycle plastic bottles into small planters by cutting holes in one side and fixing them to shed walls or fences

We’re proud to be an #organic producer. Our #soils are all organic and are derived from 100% green waste that would otherwise go to landfill. Being #organic is about protecting wildlife, supporting the environment and working with nature. Find out more at

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Over the past 20 years, Earth Cycle has been supplying high-quality topsoil, composts, soil conditioners, and mulches across the United Kingdom. With our roots in Hampshire and West Sussex, we are a team of gardening and allotment experts who love sharing their knowledge with others to help them create the perfect outdoor space.

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