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Oving Scarecrow Day in West Sussex 2016
23 May

Every year Oving village in West Sussex comes together as a community to host a fantastic day of events and judge the local scarecrows designs.

Scattered throughout Oving, residents really go the extra mile with their scarecrows to put on a display of truly imaginative creations. Despite the rain, there was a great turn out, with residents enjoying a number of activities including compost potting, face painting and music performances.

The Woodhorn Group provided tractor and trailer rides around the village throughout the day, to enable families to view all the scarecrows and to stop of at the different locations where activities were being held.

Sophie and Mike from the Earth Cycle team put together a fun compost activity that gave children the chance to grow their own sunflower. Sophie comments that ‘the village really came together and you can clearly see that Oving is the definition of the word community’.

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