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Powerlifting to glory
09 Apr

Congratulations to our very own Diane Leach who is the new world record holder and world champion for the Deadlift in the Masters 5 category. Diane can be found on our Tangmere composting site where she operates the weighbridge for vehicles delivering green waste or collecting our peat-free compost or topsoil.

After qualifying through the British Championships earlier in the year, she secured her place at the Amateur World Powerlifting Championships in Orlando, Florida in August where she lifted a record-breaking 286.6Ibs (130kg).

Congratulations to Diane and the rest of the British Powerlifting team who came away as overall winners from the event. Diane is now preparing to defend her title in Ireland in 2020 where she will also be competing for the top-spot in the Squat and Bench-press.

Diane Leach deadlift in Orlando

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