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11 Mar

Schools play a vital role in the lives of children, and create tools for more than academic knowledge. More and more schools are turning attention to sustainability and the environment. We are particularly pleased to highlight two local primary schools.

We sponsored last year, and are proud to be sponsoring this year, the Eco Champion category of the Spirit FM Local Hero Awards.

Last year, Jessie Younghusband School won the Eco Champion Award. What caught Spirit FM's eye was the greenhouse that was constructed using over 800 bottle bottoms. The results can be viewed on their website.
Their prize from Spirit was £200 for a charity, and from Earth Cycle, Top Soil Supreme and Tractor Tyres for their grounds.

Jessie Younghusband school is now working towards their Silver Eco-School Award.

Earth Cycle have also donated Top Soil Supreme to Birdham Primary School for the children to pot plants for sale to raise funds for equipment for the school grounds.

Birdham School has many sustainable and environment focused activities. In their Eco Centre, the toilets are evened flushed using harvested rain water! We also donated last year so that the children cold get there poly tunnel started, increasing the range of crops that the school can grow.

Both schools have compost heaps and areas of the school grounds planted for wildlife.

The core of both schools is making children aware of the environment, their action within it and how to make eco part of your consciousness. Something perhaps we can all benefit from ...

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