The Apuldram Centre


This fantastic charity provides meaningful day care to adults with learning disabilities, enabling them to achieve their full potential with help and encouragement in order to lead full and independent lives. The centre is focused on integrating the tenants into the local community wherever possible, using community-based projects and employment opportunities. One of the services offered by tenants is contract gardening for Chichester and the surrounding areas. The centre also grow their own vegetables and sell the produce in their own Farm Shop. We have donated a variety of topsoil and compost products for their gardening projects and look forward to working with them on future projects over the next year.

Find out more about The Apuldram Centre here 

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Earth Cycle

Over the past 20 years, Earth Cycle has been supplying high-quality topsoil, composts, soil conditioners, and mulches across the United Kingdom. With our roots in Hampshire and West Sussex, we are a team of gardening and allotment experts who love sharing their knowledge with others to help them create the perfect outdoor space.

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