The Right Tools for the Job – The Best Gardening Tools


The right tool for the job – the best gardening tools

Having the right tool for the job ensures that gardening is always a pleasure. But it’s worth remembering that some gardening jobs can be hard work physically. Using strong, well-made and solid tools can help you achieve great results in your garden and be more productive too.

To complement our core range of soils and composts we wanted to stock a number of environmentally friendly products including the best gardening tools. After a great deal of research, and drawing on the skill and expertise of our team, we opted to partner with Bulldog Tools, and now stock their Pedigree range of spades, forks and hand tools.

Bulldog Tools have been making and supplying gardening tools since 1780. All of their products are designed and made here in the UK offering everything you need to manage your garden jobs – with strength and durability. The entire range comes with a lifetime guarantee and has been tested to exceed British Standard BS3388.

The Premier tools we stock include:

  • Border spade – ideal for managing beds, cutting in borders or planting shrubs, roses and plants in large pots or planters
  • Digging spade – perfect for dealing with large areas of soil, or allotments and vegetable plots
  • Border fork – useful when breaking up soil, or weeding between larger, established plants and shrubs
  • Digging fork – practical for turning and breaking up large areas of compacted soil or lifting green waste after raking leaves, scarifying the lawn, chopping or pruning
  • Hand trowel – the cornerstone of any gardener’s tools! Ideal to use when planting pots, raised beds and baskets, or turning over small areas of flower beds
  • Hand fork – a great companion product for your trowel, helping with weeding, and digging over small areas of soil
  • Soil scoop – a very handy tool which works well when scooping compost into pots and baskets or working feed into your soil mix

These are the best gardening tools that will offer a worthwhile addition to any gardener’s kit – we hope you enjoy using them in your green spaces!

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