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The Hamblin Plant Nursery
14 Jun

The Hamblin Centre is a therapeutic centre for well-being and inner growth in Bosham, West Sussex, nestled between Chichester and Portsmouth. Fashioned entirely from wood, it is set in three acres of beautiful gardens which include a tranquil pond, a meditation sanctuary and a bountiful selection of plants and trees.

Set up in 2018 to raise ongoing funds for the centre, the nursery is an ongoing project which is continually growing (pun-intended!) thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of the volunteers that work to help maintain and expand the space as well as tend to the wide selection of perennials, annuals, herbs and vegetables that are grown and sold on site. The nursery is open 7 days a week.



The nursery now also includes arts and crafts items all designed and made by the volunteers which can be bought from the craft shop open Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 10:30am – 2pm.

Since the project began in 2018, it has been a pleasure for us to donate 29 Bulk Bags of Topsoil and Compost which has been put to great use in the raised beds across the nursery and aided them.

To learn more about The Hamblin Plant Nursery you can visit their website HERE

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