The tight race of becoming The Woodhorn Group Champion


At The Woodhorn Group we always strive to have high employee satisfaction and a way we do this is to ensure that it’s definitely not all work and no play. To get back into the swing of things after Christmas and to get everyone all revved up for spring, we thought an evening of go karting was just what we all needed!

On the 15th January everyone left the office and headed to Team Sport in Lancing, ready for the races to begin. With everyone feeling competitive it soon became a serious matter of who would become The Woodhorn Group Champion.

The evening was split into three races for each group; a practice run to get everyone warmed up, a qualifier to determine the fastest lap and the final grand prix style race. With rivalry building throughout the day between members of group one, it was a particularly heated race between Mike, our Sales and Marketing Manager, and Cameron, the General Manager, who were both vying for first place. However, it soon became more of a Whacky Races style course for their group, with Issy our Bookkeeper becoming a new obstacle to tackle on the track. In the end it was Sjoerd, our Tangemere Site Assistant Manager, who snuck past the group and managed to come in first place.

For the second group whose average lap time was the fastest out of everyone, it soon became apparent who would take home the title of The Woodhorn Group Champion as Raimond, our Tangmere Site Manager, easily secured first place in the final grand prix race with his best lap taking just 33 seconds! Raimond commented: ‘everyone had a great evening, with spirits ending on a high and I’m definitely happy that I can take home the title’! We really enjoy seeing our staff having a good time and bonding as a team.

The go karting was a great activity to do and congratulations to Raimond for taking the title of The Woodhorn Group Champion! We wonder if he can hold on to it for next time…

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