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Top Tips for April
18 Mar

April is upon us; this means warmer weather and more jobs to do in the garden! Here's a list of the main jobs to focus on this month:

Pest Check


Do a check for Aphids or any other pests to make sure no damage is being delt to your pristine crops. If you discover you have a pest problem, use a hose to wash them away or use a horticultural soap spray. One of the best ways to deal with pests is to encourage natural predators such as centipedes, beetles and ladybugs etc.

Just Keep on Weeding


Do as we mentioned in March, weeding early on will benefit you greatly throughout the year. Keeping a tight weeding regime will make your life a lot easier in the long run, instead of having to deal with a manic out of control weed problem that is ruining your yield later on. Check out our tools range.  



April is when you should start considering Potatoes. ‘Chit’ your potatoes by standing them in an egg box waiting for the spouts to reach 3cm before planting. These should be ready for harvest by July/August. 

Sow a Wildflower Patch


Why not add a dash of colour to your patch by planting some wildflower seeds in any free space you have available. Not only will this make your patch bright and vibrant, but it will also attract bees and butterflies! Check out our Wildflower Top Soil.


Don't forget hardy herbs

Growing Herbs

April is a good time to start considering sowing hardy herbs such as Basil, Dill and Oregano. Also, growing your own herbs gives you access to a variety of unique herbs that aren’t commonly found in supermarkets such as Borage or Bee Balm.  

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