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Top Tips for growing Roses
14 Feb

Possibly one of the most popular flowering shrubs grown in UK gardens, the rose is a symbol of love, sympathy and sorrow, and comes in over 100 different species in a variety of colours from the iconic red rose to yellow and even white or purple roses.

If you're new to growing roses, here are a few handy tips to get you started.

  • Plant your roses in direct sunlight, with no less than 4 hours of daily sunlight for best results
  • Roses grow best in fertile, clay soil, but a neutral soil also works well. You can enrich your existing ‘in-situ’ soil with our Topsoil BS3882 as this is a perfect blend of 10mm peat-free compost and a locally quarried sub-soil, rich in nutrients with a slightly clay texture.
  • Also enrich the soil further with well-rotted manure to add maximum nutrients. Our Cow Compost will work perfectly
  • Do not let the ground become waterlogged and shield them from a potential cold draught. Also, trim the roses you are planting right back so that all the energy is moved to the roots.
  • Mulch your roses with annually with compost such as our 25mm Compost Mulch, or alternatively Cow Compost.
  • Finally, watch out for Black Spot! If you spot the signs, cut out the foliage and burn it right away to stop the disease from spreading.
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