Top Tips for July


July is almost here! Here’s a garden and allotment ‘to do’ list for this month:

Lavender Harvest

If you have been growing lavender, now is the time to cut it ready for drying. Clip the stems of pieces that have blossomed just above the side branches and remove stalks with shrunken or dry areas. check for bugs and bunch together to be hung upside down in a cool shaded spot. When lavender is dried it retains its aroma, which is excellent for sleep and relaxation. Dried lavender can also be used to make soaps or put into little bags to freshen areas and deter bugs.


Make sure to water at sundown to reduce evaporation and use a high-quality mulch to retain the moisture. Water your fruit and vegetable plots daily in July to keep them consistently moist throughout the hotter days. If you use a greenhouse, make sure to damp it down on the particularly warm days to keep the humidity high.


Pepper plants will benefit from being re-potted into bigger pots this month. Apply a high potash fertiliser once your peppers start to fruit. Also, pick and dry out any herbs you have ready to be used later in the year.

Keep a Journal

Start to take note of the things that have gone well in your garden this year and the things you could improve on next year to yield greater results. It is always good to reflect on your results so you can pick out the pros and cons.

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