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Top Tips for May
07 May

Top Tips for May

The Spring sun is here!

Now that the plants are getting what they need for a growth spurt, there are plenty of jobs to be cracking on with.

Frost in may

Consider the possibility of late early morning frost. Cover sensitive plants with fleece or move them in doors overnight.

Hanging Basket May

Plant some summer hanging baskets. Begonia look good in hanging baskets due to their compact nature and big blooms. Remember to use high quality compost and fertilizer when working with hanging baskets.

Slug in may

Keep an eye out for slugs. Use coffee grounds or crushed egg shells to stop them reaching your young plants. If that doesn’t keep them away, you could try a cloche or some copper tap.


Watch out for nesting birds before cutting back any shrubbery. Many birds settle down in May to incubate their eggs and prepare to raise their chicklings, so you must be wary of not scaring the parents away or accidentally damaging the nest. 

As the weather gets nicer and the days get longer, there will be endless tasks to complete around the garden or allotment. Maybe you could try the "chelsea Chop" technique used to grow bushier plants.

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