Top tips on choosing Topsoil


When planning any garden project it’s important to make sure you have the right materials. We understand that different projects require different products, so here are some top tips from Mike Jupp, our Sales and Marketing Manager and landscaping expert, on choosing the right topsoil for your project.

1. Laying turf
The secret to healthy turf is good quality soil. When laying turf it is best to use a sandy loam topsoil that is screened to 10mm to remove any large stones or clay.

2. Flower bed and borders
Planting flower beds and borders requires a better screened topsoil with a higher level of organic matter to ensure that the plants have access to vital nutrients to help them grow. Where possible choose a topsoil blended with organic compost or conditioner.

3. Vegetable patch
Crops will absorb the nutrients from the soil so when creating a vegetable patch it is best to use organic topsoil that is full of nutrients and can retain moisture to sustain your vegetables’ growth.

It is important to remember that whatever topsoil you do buy; whether it is sandy or high in organic matter, it is vital that the topsoil is good quality. High quality topsoils are free from contamination, such as heavy metals, glass and brick rubble, which are extremely hazardous to plant health.

At Earth Cycle we want your garden to be at its best and starting from the ground up will help guarantee that. Invest in the soil and in return see your garden flourish.

If you’re interested in our products, we deliver topsoil in London, Liverpool, Essex and many more locations. Check out our pages today!

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