Top Tips On How To Beat The British Weather


Tip #1

A garden growing in nutritious topsoil sets the precedent for less work later on. With its combination of premium quality soil blended with nutritionally dense compost, our Topsoil Supreme is perfect for giving young plants and seeds the kick-start they require to survive the frosts and grow strong.

Tip #2

With all the wet weather we have been having lately it is likely that all our lawns will be looking a little lacklustre. If a lawn is beyond repair, see our improving your lawn project, that is filled with products designed to give grass the nutrients it needs early in its life, meaning it will develop a stronger more complex root structure to help it withstand future weathers, be it summer drought or winter flooding.

Tip #3

However, if it is only looking a little sorry for itself, then it is just a matter of topping up the nutrients with our Turf Dressing Rootzone. Keeping this up at regular intervals throughout the year is the best way to ensure it remains green and lush and will give it the best chance to weather even the harshest elements Mother Nature has to offer.

Tip #4

Just before the weather hits the cold snap, we would always advise to add a layer of Compost Mulch to your garden to help protect the ground from the harsh winter conditions. However, this layer can still be added in the early months of the year, going into spring, to ensure that your soil can retain moisture throughout the warmer months.

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