Topsoil VS Compost


When faced with numerous different products it can be difficult to choose the right one so we’ve put together this handy guide to help you decide!

Topsoil helps to improve the structure and texture of soil, enabling it to retain nutrients, moisture, air and drain excess water effectively. Compost injects vital nutrients and organic matter into your garden, providing the ideal environment for plants to get the best start in life. On the surface these two products may seem remarkably similar, but can one replace the other? We have delved deeper underground to find the answer.

Used by many keen gardeners, Topsoil is comprised of slow weathered roots and organic matter that has disintegrated over a long time, making it high in nutrients and organic matter. It helps to bring poor quality soil up to scratch by injecting beds and lawns with nutrients to support growth.

Compost is made in a similar way but over a shorter timescale, the warm and damp environment in which it is made, means matter is broken down much more quickly.

Topsoil is heavily mineral based, in a good quality topsoil such as our Topsoil Supreme, over half the product is mineral grain. The complex nature of this product means that it retains its goodness for much longer than its similar but more quickly formed compatriot compost. It is perfect for creating new beds, borders or as a base for lawns.

Compost, with its recently broken down makeup is great for providing a huge hit of nutrition to hungry plant life. A product such as our Cow Compost is ideal for restoring the nutritional content to older topsoil. Compost is usually used in conjunction with topsoil as alone compost doesn’t have the complexity of structure to hold onto the goodness your plants require. This makes it ideal for rose beds, vegetable plots and herbaceous borders.

In some circumstances it is best to buy a product that is more tailored for the job, than something multi-purpose. Opting for compost that is specific to your needs will result in healthier, stronger growth and lessen the need for the frequent addition of soil conditioners and more work further down the road. Remember, the most successful projects are always built on quality foundations.

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