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Saying Hello to Karen
16 Dec

We are delighted to introduce our new Sales and Marketing Assistant, Karen to the team. The end of the year marks her first month with us and she’s here to assist with the sales of our Earth Cycle products, as well as promoting The Woodhorn Group and Earth Cycle brands.

Mum of 3 boys, Karen has a wealth of experience from working in childcare to running her own property management company. She briefly retired and spent her time living in France, but missed the challenge of work and decided to run an art gallery in Brighton due to her passion for art and sculptures. Wanting a change, she moved industries and has gained plenty of knowledge in sales as a business co-ordinator. With a love for fast cars and participating in Cannonball 8000 twice, we are sure that she has the drive to succeed at The Woodhorn Group.

When talking about why she wanted to join The Woodhorn Group Karen commented that she ‘strived for a more challenging role and that working for a company who is not only professional, but appreciates its employees is important and that is what The Woodhorn Group symbolises’.

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