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Will grass grow through topsoil?


The key to creating a beautiful and inviting garden is having a healthy and luscious lawn. There are many factors to consider when maintaining your lawn, such as how to level a bumpy lawn and how to aerate a lawn.

In this blog post, we’ll cover a question which comes up time and time again: will grass grow through topsoil if you add topdressing to an existing lawn? 

Does grass grow through topsoil?

The short answer is, yes, grass will grow through topsoil! Sometimes, a patchy lawn might need more nutrients to help it grow, and adding a layer of topsoil to your existing grass is a great way to achieve a healthy lawn. 

Aim for a depth of around one inch of topsoil and evenly spread it across your lawn to help the grass grow. If you apply a thicker layer, the grass might struggle to grow through the topsoil.

Topdressing tips

Here are some tips to help you prepare your lawn for some fresh topsoil to help it grow. 

Scarify and aerate your lawn

The first step would be to scarify your lawn to remove any thatch and to aerate your lawn to help with drainage.

Mow your lawn

The next step will be to mow your lawn to give the grass a good chance to grow back nice and thick!

Spread the topsoil

Once you have a nice and short lawn, evenly spread the topsoil, aiming for a depth of around one inch. 

Water your lawn

Give your turf a good watering before and after you add your layer of topsoil so it has enough moisture to grow through the topsoil.

When should I top-dress my lawn?

The best time to add a layer of topsoil for grass to grow through would be in Autumn, as this season is generally a good mix of wet weather and sunshine and the soil will be warm too, perfect to help with germination. You can also top dress in the spring, but as the soil will be colder, this might affect germination and there is a greater threat of frost too.

Adding grass seed to your lawn

If you want to add some grass seed to your lawn, spreading a thin layer of seeds is best done after you add your layer of lawn topsoil. You can also add a thinner layer of topsoil after you sow your grass seeds.

Looking for help with your lawn?

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