World Environment Day


At Earth Cycle the environment plays an extremely important role in our decision making and the products we make and sell. This means World Environment Day is a big day for us. Our mission is to become as sustainable as possible; many gardening products contain ingredients such a coir, which must be imported from overseas, therefore having a large carbon footprint. We make sure all our green waste is locally sourced and composted on site to minimise the CO2 we put out into the atmosphere.

Why is our compost Peat Free?

Peat comes from peat bogs which are wetland areas where a variety of mosses grow and are a huge habitat for wildlife. Peat bogs store CO2 and precipitation, preventing flooding and providing fresh drinking water. Peatlands covers 3% of the global land surface with damaged peatland contributing up to 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. It takes 1000 years for 1 metre deep of peat to form and can take 2-3 decades to restore a peat land area after it has been destroyed. Earth Cycle Peat Free Compost improves the soil structure biologically, physically, and chemically, providing a better rooting environment. The organic compost contains significant levels of phosphate for strong root development and nitrogen to help boost growth. It also contains potash and sulphur in addition to other major and minor nutrients, enhancing plant establishment and sustaining growth. This proves that peat isn’t necessary for gardening, and this is why at Earth Cycle we make sure none of our products are made with peat and urge you to stop buying peat-based products whenever possible.


The majority of all Earth Cycle soil conditioners, composts, mulches and topsoils are made from locally sourced recycled plant materials, which are composted under carefully controlled conditions to produce high quality products, as defined by the British Standard for Composted Materials – BSI PAS 100. By recycling green waste to make our products, we are helping to reduce the quantity of waste being directed into landfills, resulting in a reduction of toxic gases that get released into the atmosphere.

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Earth Cycle

Over the past 20 years, Earth Cycle has been supplying high-quality topsoil, composts, soil conditioners, and mulches across the United Kingdom. With our roots in Hampshire and West Sussex, we are a team of gardening and allotment experts who love sharing their knowledge with others to help them create the perfect outdoor space.

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